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Latest News - December 18, 2012

Canty joined effort with MIT to develop 3D Imaging

Buffalo, NY- J.M. Canty announced their partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an effort to develop 3D imaging. Canty is in the preliminary states of working with MIT to use multi-camera positioning to develop three dimensional imaging systems.

MIT is the hub of cutting edge holographic research. Canty is also working with their wax emulsion division to bring 3D visualization systems to fruition.

About J.M. Canty -

Canty was incorporated in the state of New York January 1, 1977.   We have continued to expand our company into different markets and products.   Currently, we manufacture lighting, cameras, sight flow indicators, quick opening closures, glass to metal seals, vision-based process control, and particles sizing systems.

This product line helped us to diversify across different industries and market places.   With this diversification in markets, we have retained a common manufacturing base between all of our products.