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Overview Minimize trim loss – The Canty float glass system consists of a high temperature Ethernet process camera and incorporates special software to reduce glare along with a unique orifice plate that prevents debris from adhering to the lens, resulting in a clear view of the glass ribbon at all times. This system is a non-contact web width control system which positions Ethernet cameras over the two glass edges and provides continuous real time measurement of web width as glass enters the Lehr annealing chamber after exiting the furnace chamber. Width measurements are made in real-time on a continuous basis, with a resolution of .015"*. CantyVision™ Client Software utilizes image based technology to continually track the extreme edge of the glass ribbon and also the edge of the knurled region formed by the top roll machines used in the float bath furnace to shape and stabilize the glass ribbon.

Features • No cooling air required. Air is used for cleaning only!

• Fused Glass Seal Separates Electronics From Process

• Non-Blooming CCD Cameras