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Canty works with the University of Windsor to better recycle automobile plastics

Windsor, ON - As written on the Ontario Innovation Trust website, "Dr. Tam is developing his ideas with the help of a “solids-sizer,” funded in part by the Ontario Innovation Trust. The machine uses a camera and sophisticated software to classify materials that pass through it on the basis of their physical characteristics. When Dr. Tam feeds it a small load of mixed plastics, the unit provides a complete breakdown of the pieces by size, shape and even colour—allowing him to look for patterns that could provide important physical clues to composition. It’s a process that used to take grad students hours of painstaking sorting and measurement by hand. But now the work can be accomplished in seconds—leaving more time for developing and testing new ideas." Read more from Ontario Innovation Trust

J.M. Canty delivers Lights and Sight Glasses for H1N1 Flu Vaccine Bioreactors for Novartisrs

Buffalo, NY – J.M. Canty has announced delivery of multiple light and sight glass systems, PUREVIEW™, for Novartis’s H1N1 flu vaccine bioreactors.  The bioreactors, supplied by ABEC, Inc., are to be installed in Holly Springs, NC as part of the US Flu Cell Culture (USFCC).

Novartis choose Canty to supply the PUREVIEW™, because of both the products high quality and the company’s efficient ability to supply their products in a timely manner.   Canty fiber optic lighting systems have been designed to provide efficient, high output tungsten-halogen light in a cost effective package. The use of high quality, flexible fiber optic light pipes to guide the light from our light source through a sight glass or process connection.