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Sand Analysis
Sand Analysis Canty Specialises in many applications for the detection and analysis of sand which is a major challenge for the Oil & Gas industry. The highly erosive nature of the sand can cause extensive damage to equipment and well completions resulting in shut down in production causing the industry billions of dollars. As a result extensive ongoing sand research is carried out in order to effectively manage the production of sand. Please click on the links in below applications list for specific applications.

• Real Time Inline Sand PSD & Concentration down to 1ppm

• Simultaneously Analyse OiW/WiO/Gas and Sand based on shape characterictics.Visual verification of outputs.

• Laboratory and inline systems optically identical allowing for consistency between results.

Application List
Frac Sand Frac Sand / Proppant
The canty image analysis systems provides sand PSD and concentration measurements to monitor and characterise the sand produced. The dynamic vision based method replaces and correlates to sieve analysis. Systems can be run in line/at line or offline as a laboratory system. Dry analysis can also be carried out with a range of Canty's dry solids laboratory particle sizing systems.
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Core Sample Analysis Core Sample Analysis
The Canty Inflow and Portable Inflow systems are utilized extensively in core sample testing to determine the PSD & concentration along with detecting catastrophic failure of the sandstone rock. For further information please click on the video and report links.
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