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Mining & Aggregate
Canty specializes in a number of applications to optimise the production process within the Mining industry. Applications range from vision based volume flow, at-line /in-line slurry particle analysis systems,in-line turbidity systems, industrial/laboratory solid particle sizing systems (Rocksizer) and vision based froth monitoring systems for optimistaion of the production. Please click on the links in below applications list for specific applications.

• Remote process monitoring form central control room

• Image analysis - real time particle size ,shape ,colour and percent solids monitoring , turbidity, froth detection control

• Visual verification of outputs

Application List
Milling & Blending
Canty provide an at line slurry particle sizing system to determine the PSD and shape characteristics of the mining slurry. Canty’s range of image based particle analysis systems provide true size and shape characterisation, with each particle measured under 13 size and shape parameters. This dynamic vision based method replaces and correlates to screen analysis along with giving the operator an unparalleled insight into the process.
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Floatation Tank
Within the flotation tank, monitoring of the froth characteristics at the surface is highly critical in order optimise yield of the mineral. Canty provide a modular camera light combination unit to provide a remote continuous view and control by detection of froth bubble size, velocity and stability. For monitoring of tailings outputted from the flotation tank, Canty’s liquid particle image analysis systems provide true size, shape and percent solids ouput allowing the operator to monitor PSD of the tailings along with concentration.
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In order to monitor crusher performance, Canty provide Industrial SolidSizer or 3D Rocksizer image analysis systems, which determine if the mining aggregates outputted from the crusher are the correct size and shape. The systems can be run at line through the use of a sweep sampler, or offline as laboratory instruments. In order to know the quantity produced from the crusher, it is important to have an accurate volume measurement. Traditionally, volume belt scales are used, but there can be significant time spent on maintenance of this equipment due to the nature of how the measurement is performed. The Canty Volume Flow system is a non contact visual measurement of the product area profile on the end of the conveyor. This area measurement can be combined with the velocity of the belt (separate measurement required) in the operators control system, to provide an accurate volume flow measurement.
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Thickener Clarifier
In order to analyse the performance of the thickener/ clarifier, Canty provide a direct inline colour, turbidity and percent solids analyser, to analyse the fluid discharged from the clarification process, in order to determine if it is within specification. Combining Canty’s imaging, fused glass and lighting technologies, the colour of the liquid can be analysed on a number of colour scales (YUV, RGB, Lab), which can be taken as a direct measurement, or related to a specific NTU or FTU turbidity value. The image analysis software has the ability to filter out any air bubbles from the analysis, meaning only a true colour / turbidity measurement is performed on the fluid. For immediate detection of any problems within the clarifier, Canty supply an immersion turbidity/colour and percent solids analyser that can be mounted at various immersion depths to monitor the fluid.
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