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Floatation Tank
Within the flotation tank, monitoring of the froth characteristics at the surface is highly critical in order optimise yield of the mineral. Canty provide a modular camera light combination unit to provide a remote continuous view and control by detection of froth bubble size, velocity and stability. For monitoring of tailings outputted from the flotation tank, Canty’s liquid particle image analysis systems provide true size, shape and percent solids ouput allowing the operator to monitor PSD of the tailings along with concentration.

Application List
In-Line Process Analyzer, Particle Size - Shape - Color - Percent Solid INFLOW™ PARTICLE SIZING SYSTEM
Document Number: TA10601-1
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Combining the latest in Ethernet technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the In-Line Process Particle Analyzer provides real time particle size, shape, color, and percent solid analysis.

Document Number: TA10263-1
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An Ethernet camera is used to provide the measurement image to a customer supplied PC with Microsoft Windows based OS NT/XP/2000 and Ethernet connectivity. CantyVision™ software is included with each camera. CantyVision™ software interfaces with each camera thru TCP/IP to obtain digital images over an Ethernet network. The image from each camera is dynamically analyzed for bubble size, froth velocity and stability.