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Fiber Glass
Fiberglass The Canty system will provide a consistent measurement of particle size and reproducible results on the products cited in this report. It provides a full particle size distribution for the samples provided. The system should be usable both as an analytical tool for QC/QA and as an in-stream analyzer and in this role can provide measurement results in a matter of minutes on a continual basis. The Bin graph clearly shows a count of the number of particles of a certain size. A preset number can be set and an alarm can sound if a number or these particles pass. For example, if a large number of 1mm long particles pass, an alarm could notify there is a problem with the cutting process.

Application List
Document Number: TA10103-1
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Canty High Temperature insertion cameras are ideal for demanding applications such as glass furnaces involving visual inspection or verification in extreme temperature environments.

Glass Gob Measurement Glass Gob Measerment
Document Number: Glass Gob
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Measure the width, height, and temperature of Glass Gobs in online

BAT Length
Document Number: Glass BAT Length
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Application to measure the leading edge position and time the movement to the trailing edge to get an accurate reading of Bat length Then feed the signal to the cutter to reduce the scrap left on each Bat

Document Number: TA10632-1
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Canty’s thermal vision system is quite similar to other radiative temperature methods, by measuring the energy produced by a process. The advancements in CCD cameras has allowed for the ability to measure wavelengths in both the visual range and near inferred range.