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Solids Handeling
The final product may be transferred to storage / packaging by means of conveyor belt. In order to know the quantity of product produced, it is important to have an accurate volume measurement. Traditionally, volume belt scales are used, but there can be significant time spent on maintenance of this equipment due to the nature of how the measurement is performed. The Canty Volume Flow system is a non contact visual measurement of the product area profile on the end of the conveyor. This area measurement can be combined with the velocity of the belt (separate measurement required) in the operators control system, to provide an accurate volume flow measurement.

Application List
SolidSizer™ TS Solid Particle Analysis System SolidSizer™ TS Solid Particle Analysis System
Document Number: TA8748-1
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The Canty SolidSizer TS unit is a versatile tool for lab environments to determine particle size and shape, thereby eliminating the need for sieving. The system also has multiple configurations that allow color analysis and defect detection, as well as a tilting stage for flat particle analysis. The modular design allows for easy assembly of different configurations depending upon product type and/or analysis desired. The tilt stage feature is similar to the technology patented in the Canty RockSizer and is especially effective for analyzing flat, stone-like particles. The stage is designed for both back and front lighting use.

Industrial SolidSizer™ Particle Analysis System Industrial SolidSizer™ Particle Analysis System
Document Number: TA10743-100
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The JM Canty Industrial SolidSizer™ is a vision-based particle size measurement in a production environment as an on-line production tool.

Document Number: TA10487-100
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Eliminate costly maintenance for your belt scales!!! The CantyVision™ Volume Based Measurement System consists of a non-contact Ethernet camera that constantly analyzes product profile on a conveyor belt to produce an integrated volume with no maintenance required.

Lab SolidSizer™ with Color Analysis Lab SolidSizer™ with Color Analysis
Document Number: TA10612-1
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LAB SOLIDSIZER™ with Color Analysis is accomplished by using the fundamentals of the CIE LAB, RGB, and YUV color scale system.