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Canty has many products that can handle needed applications with in the Semiconductor and Solar Cell industry. In the manufacturing of semi-conductors and solar photovoltaic cells the first stage involves the production of high purity wafer material. To produce the wafer material it is common to first vaporize silicon gas followed by depositing the silicon as a rod or fine particle. The Canty product line can help silicon manufactures understanding the shape, size, color, and surface texture of the final product.

• Automation of audit process

• Visual verification in real time

• CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ Software can output results to a database, OPC, 4-20mA or even a specific file location

Application List
Monitor particle size to ensure the silicon beads are the proper size and detect contaminates after the fluidized bed with a two dimensional On-Line SolidSizer.
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Measure the diameter, straightness, and surface roughness to ensure the silicon ingots produced are repeatable and of high quality.
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Chunks, Chips, & Fines
Analyze the particle shape, size, and color during the breaking process with the three dimensional RockSizer and SolidSizer.
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High Temperature Cameras
Canty High Temperature Cameras are ideal for demanding applications involving visual inspection or verification in extreme temperature environments.
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