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Adhesives & Resins
Adhesives & Resins Canty has over 30 years in the chemical industry, and that experience has allowed Canty to supply the Adhesives & Resin industry many different applications. To include explosion proof Class 1, Division 1 vessel cameras, and our outstanding Fuseview sight glasses. Other applications include gel detection and color analysis of the finished product.

• Patented Fuseview sight glass technology

• Visual verification of materials within vessels

• OPC, 4-20mA Current Loop, EXCEL spreadsheet and Relay Outputs Are Available

Application List
Reflux Line Reflux Line
Canty handles many applications for reflux lines in the adhesives and resin industry. Some of these include explosion proof sight flow indicators and camera systems to ensure the flow back rate is correct..
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Finished Product Finished Product
Ensuring that the final product is correct before packaging is critical in the adhesives and resin industry. With Canty, we can supply many different systems that measure the final color and detect gel or contamination.
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Reactors & Vessels Reactors & Vessels
Canty supplies many pieces of equipment for reactors and vessels for the adhesives and resin industry. Some of these include explosion proof camera systems, process lighting. and sight glasses.
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