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Thickener Clarifier
In order to analyse the performance of the thickener/ clarifier, Canty provide a direct inline colour, turbidity and percent solids analyser, to analyse the fluid discharged from the clarification process, in order to determine if it is within specification. Combining Canty’s imaging, fused glass and lighting technologies, the colour of the liquid can be analysed on a number of colour scales (YUV, RGB, Lab), which can be taken as a direct measurement, or related to a specific NTU or FTU turbidity value. The image analysis software has the ability to filter out any air bubbles from the analysis, meaning only a true colour / turbidity measurement is performed on the fluid. For immediate detection of any problems within the clarifier, Canty supply an immersion turbidity/colour and percent solids analyser that can be mounted at various immersion depths to monitor the fluid.

Application List
In-Line Process Analyzer, Particle Size - Shape - Color - Percent Solid INFLOW™ PARTICLE SIZING SYSTEM
Document Number: TA10601-1
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Combining the latest in Ethernet technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the In-Line Process Particle Analyzer provides real time particle size, shape, color, and percent solid analysis.

Document Number: TA10605-1
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The CANTY Immersion Turbidity, Color Measurement or Percent Solids Measurement System uses a variable insertion measurement gap, which is unique to the Canty system. Our unique fused glass seal allows our equipment to be easily submersed into the product for quick, highly accrurate process measurement. The image process can be setup with multiple zone sensing on the image of the fluid thus comparing results for reliability and allowing immediate detection of any problem.