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Canty provide a direct inline colour & turbidity analyser, to analyse the fluid discharged from the clarification process, in order to determine if it is within specification. Combining Canty’s imaging, fused glass and lighting technologies, the colour of the liquid can be analysed on a number of colour scales (YUV, RGB, Lab), which can be taken as a direct measurement, or related to a specific NTU or FTU turbidity value. The image analysis software has the ability to filter out any air bubbles from the analysis, meaning only a true colour / turbidity measurement is performed on the fluid.

Application List
Non-Contact Level Control Application Sheet
Document Number: TA7577-1
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An adhesives company had a costly problem with one of it's products with regard to process level control. Due to the viscous, sticky nature, and foaming of the product it coated floats and probes rendering those types of process level control instruments ineffective. DP and ultrasonic devices would not operate during foaming conditions internally. Nuclear devices were not an attractive alternative due to the many regulatory and safety concerns they impose. Operators controlled the process by observing the reactor level out in the plant at various times. This type of control proved grossly inefficient and severely limited process output.

Fuseview™ Tri-Clamp® Sight Glass Fuseview™ Tri-Clamp® Sight Glass
Document Number: TA7653-1
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J.M. Canty Fuseview™ sight glasses have been engineered to meet all your process and safety needs. Fuseview™ Tri-clamps® are a fused sight glass providing one-piece construction with no additional gaskets or torquing required. All standard Tri-clamp® Fuseviews™ feature Factory Mutual approval and were designed and tested to ensure the safest product available. Canty can provide certification of material and testing if required, typical of ASME code requirements for process vessels.

Pureview™ Sanitary Sight Glass/Lighting System Pureview™ Sanitary Sight Glass/Lighting System
Document Number: TA9306-1
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Canty fiber optic lighting systems have been designed to provide efficient, high output tungsten-halogen light in a cost effective package. Canty uses only high quality, flexible fiber optic light pipes to guide the light from our light source through a sight glass or process connection. The light is elliptically focused into the fiber optic light pipe and guided through the sight glass minimizing losses while maximizing your tank or vessel lighting!

Process Cameras Process Cameras
Document Number: TA7259-1
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J.M. Canty cameras are patented systems designed to illuminate and view inside a pressure or process vessel through a single connection. There is no need for multiple vessel ports. Canty supplies an integrally mounted camera and lighting system (optional) in a connection as small as a 2” NPT. The industry standard video output can be displayed on a video monitor in the comforts of a control room, or recorded on any VCR. A standard video monitor or TV with video input may be used to display the image.

In-Line Process Analyzer, Particle Size - Shape - Color - Percent Solid INFLOW™ PARTICLE SIZING SYSTEM
Document Number: TA10601-1
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Combining the latest in Ethernet technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the In-Line Process Particle Analyzer provides real time particle size, shape, color, and percent solid analysis.