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Frac Sand / Proppant
Frac Sand The canty image analysis systems provides sand PSD and concentration measurements to monitor and characterise the sand produced. The dynamic vision based method replaces and correlates to sieve analysis. Systems can be run in line/at line or offline as a laboratory system. Dry analysis can also be carried out with a range of Canty's dry solids laboratory particle sizing systems.

Application List
Document Number: TA9553-1
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The Canty Lab SolidSizer™ is an on-line particle sizing tool for lab environments to determine particle size, shape and distribution, thereby eliminating the need for sieve analysis.

Industrial SolidSizer™ Particle Analysis System Industrial SolidSizer™ Particle Analysis System
Document Number: TA10743-100
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The JM Canty Industrial SolidSizer™ is a vision-based particle size measurement in a production environment as an on-line production tool.

3-D RockSizer™ Online Sizing System 3-D RockSizer™ Sizing System
Document Number: TA9308-1
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The control of rock and aggregate size is critical, as crushing mills tend to have a high rate of out of spec production.