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Overview Extrusion is widely used in the food processing industry, for example in the manufacturing of certain pasta, breakfast cereals, cookie dough, dry pet food, ready to eat snakcs etc. Canty's range of vision based instrumentation can be applied to an extrusion process at various points. Please click on the links in the below application list for specific application examples.

Application List
Strand Monitor Camera Strand Monitor Camera
The continous extruded strands can be constantly monitored remotely from the central control room to ensure that there are no issues such as strand breakage or touching strands. Cantyvision software can be used to automatically track the position of each strand from the exruder
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Hopper / Feeder Level Hopper / Feeder Level
During extruder loading, it is important that there is a balanced flow between inlet product (powder / pellet form), and product entering / travelling along the extruder barrell. Canty's camera light combination unit can be mounted monitoring the entrance of the extruder barrell to monitor extruder screw loading, and to ensure that the chute does not become blocked etc.
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Extruder Melt Camera Extruder Melt Camera
The melt conditon within the extruder barrell can be monitored through the use of a camera light combination unit, or a microscopic system is a finer level of detail is required, to ensure that the product is in liquid form with no contaminants or air bubbles present
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Particle Sizing Particle Sizing
The final product needs to be subjected to quality control in order to determine if the extruded particles are the correct size and shape, and also that the concentration of mis-shaped / discoloured particles is within specification. Canty’s range of image based particle analysis systems provide true size and shape characterisation, with each particle measured under 13 size and shape parameters. Canty’s imaging systems also offer the option of Colour / Black Speck detection within the extruded particle sample. The systems can be run at line through the use of a sweep sampler, or offline as laboratory instruments.
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