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Application List
Chemical Crystallization Crystallization
Manual monitoring of a crystallisation process is done through the use of the Canty Fuseview™ and Fibre Optic Lighting System, providing the operator with light and sight on one vessel connection, saving space, and also ensuring optimum illumination of the area which the operator is viewing. Remote process monitoring is possible through the use of a microscopic camera system to allow the user to view the growth of the crystals. The Canty Crystalvision™ range combines Canty’s fused glass and lighting technologies to provide an unrivalled continuous view from initial nucleation, to fully formed crystals, allowing for early problem detection (eg. secondary seeding) and reaction. Cantyvision image analysis software allows for particle size and shape characterization during the initial stages of crystal growth (up to 5% concentration), while the remote view is continuos throughout the process.
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Extruder Control
Extrusion is widely used in the chemical industry, for example in the manufacturing of piping, hosing / tubing, fibres, polymer pellets etc. Canty's range of vision based instrumentation can be applied to an extrusion process at various points. Please click on the links in the below application list for specific application examples.
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Canty has many products that can handle needed applications with in the Semiconductor and Solar Cell industry. In the manufacturing of semi-conductors and solar photovoltaic cells the first stage involves the production of high purity wafer material. To produce the wafer material it is common to first vaporize silicon gas followed by depositing the silicon as a rod or fine particle. The Canty product line can help silicon manufactures understanding the shape, size, color, and surface texture of the final product.
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Adhesives & Resins Adhesives & Resins
Canty has over 30 years in the chemical industry, and that experience has allowed Canty to supply the Adhesives & Resin industry many different applications. To include explosion proof Class 1, Division 1 vessel cameras, and our outstanding Fuseview sight glasses. Other applications include gel detection and color analysis of the finished product.
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